One day along the Borrsjöån

Making fly fishing films can some times become an adventure. you need a camera, several lenses, (forget about sticking a GoPro to your head or your chest), real microphones (VHF ones and a mixing device, anything else but the one that’s on your camera) a director of photography is a plus, but hey, sometimes we have to do with what we have… so when you shoot you need a good idea of what you are shooting and you shoot with a good idea of the editing, that means, landscapes, close ups, head shots, everything you will need to edit, and most of all don’t shoot 5 hours 58 minutes of film on a 6 hours fly fishing trip… think you’ll be editing!  So now comes the fishing day:  the weather, the rain, the wind, the fish, the fisherman, the net, the tangled line, everything comes between your idea of a film and reality. You understand, you have to be ready but you mainly have to be ready to cope with what you were not expecting! Now just shoot, edit and find a good music, music is as important as what you are shooting, keep this in mind! Ah, I forgot yo need coffee and drone! So now we are by the Borrsjöån a private river in Sweden, a regular fly fishing film. Enjoy.