Fly Fishing in Spain & Portugal

Ouh lala ! How we love this! Sunshine, good food, nice people, beautiful landscapes, amazing beaches but that’s not all, fish everywhere and probably countries that are 30% cheaper than everywhere else in Europe. What more do you need? Here it’s  barbel and carp, but you might also go for pike trout, catsifh, large mouth. Spain and Portugal are heaven for fly fishers! Some barbel even come up on dries! You cast a foam beetle and they’ll speed to it like a torpedo. But look at that film, see how the barbel are rushing to the nymph that has just been casted at them! Not mentioning the carp, wait untill you cast a damzel at them! So maybe you’ll go to Spain or Portugal to get some sun on the beach, to sail or to surf but, don’t forget your fishing rod!