Demo Reel 2018

We love Oliver Sutro, he has a sharp eye, and for a DP it’s compulsory, knowing how the light is going to caress a face, anticipate the camera moves so everything looks fluid, how to set a frame, choose the right lens so you’ll be giving the viewer exactly what you want him to feel. All of that is a real job, the job of the Director of Photography or cameraman as they are also called and few can really acheive the job, it’s their “eye” that makes the whole difference between a guy who just bought the latest camera and a DP who can shoot and give an awesome image with any camera. Olier Sutro is one of them and if you need proof, just watch his demo reel, it’ll make you crave fishing, maybe you’ll go cycling and you wished you could go skiing, especially when it’s like today, 100°!