SCOF #28 : Summer edition

It’s hot, summer has settled, I know it because for a few weeks now, all I see around me are turists, burned by the sun, looking for less shade. It’s so hot this year, Ice creams are melting before they can reach the kids mouth and the strawberry/vanilla flavor cream stains the white Tshirts, mathcing those sunburned kids. Summer is hell, but at the same time it’s bliss, you get to spend some quality time with your friends, you have bbq parties, the nights are cool (around 85F) and you stay out until dawn, chating and dancing to the sound of Le Mouching mixtapes. It’s that time of the year you don’t really give a sh*t about anything, all you do is having fun. At home I hate everyone, I see all this guys with their newly bought gear fishing MY river, trying to get MY trout! But hey, that’s summer, I do the same when I go on another river. So instead of being bitter and resentful, I read the latest SCOF issue, and I’m telling myself Wowowow ! How lucky they are ! I love SCOF, I wish I could live so many lives I could acheive everything I dream about, being with you guys. Love from France.

T h e  F i r s t  T i m e

A u n t y  J.auntyJ

T h e  S u m m e r  o f  D a v esummer-of-davef i l m  :  B l a c k  B a yblack-bayA t o n e m e n t  /  L o u i s  C a h i l latonementT a m p a  F l ytampa-flyT y i n g  B u n n y   F l yfur&feathersw

S t r a t e r g i z i n gstratergizing

A  L e g a c y  o f  P i r e sa-ligacy-of-pires

Summer’s too long, we cannot wait for the Fall issue!