Off the grid

Sometimes, although we love our comfort, nice sofa, comfy bed, broadband connection, and all that goes with it, we need to go to the wild! We need to be linked again to nature. We need long walks where we can clearly think about our daily life as we follow a small trail that will leed us to a lake or a river. This is us, us being flyfishermen, that urge we have to be grounded, to be alone, to have the feeling that no one else ever came where we are and be free and happy.  The fish you catch in a trip like that will never be forgotten. If you eat them, they will be the tastiest ones! And back home you’ll tell your friends how you defeated moskitos, walked miles to get to an unknown spot on the river, or not, you might keep all that to yourself. Here’s Eugen Vegger and a friend, going off the grid, somewhere in Norway.