We spend our time telling you : Go Carp Fishing, it’s insane! The first Carp I tried to catch on fly was on river Ardéche in Southern France, in the suer, the water was so warm there was no trout on sight, but there, where a small stream dropped in, I saw a huge fish! I thought it was a Chub, but soon, I realzied it was a Carp, an enormous one. I remebered what I read about carp on the fly and changed my foam terrestrial for a nymph I use for Grayling, a small one with a golden bead and a ceramic body red as a cherry! I casted the nymph right in front of the fish, and suddenly I had the feeling I had to set the hook, I was right! But I forgot to change my leader, I was on 6X. The fight lasted not even half a second and the frustration I felt could have made me cry. I felt so alone, there, on the river, with the fish moving slowly away from me. But since that day I’m hooked on Carp! I want to be on that flat boat casting for Carp (with the right tippet), I want to be there so bad!That film drives me nuts!