Roadtrip in the Southern Alps

If you are like us, you know that one is too many and a thousand never enough! That’s the way it is, us fly fishermen, we always need more, like a red nose needs its morning glass or a crackhead its evening rock! We are addicts, but we are addicted to happiness! And here, you’re going to find some happiness! There is so much happiness in that film that it’s going to knck you down and it’s going to be hard to start the week at the office! Oh, I hear some of you It ain’t real fly fishing, it’s Tenkara!  Good news: Tenkara is fly fishing, bad news: you’re narrow minded!  So, dear readers, to be on a trip like this one, I’m ready to let go of my rod and my reel and switch for a Tenkara rod, only to be able to touch the happiness I’m witnessing on that film!

So let’s go for a roadtrip among good friends from Switezerland and America and let’s drive down to Italy and Slovenia to catch amazing fish! It’s only bliss! Don’t you forget your swiming trunks!