Welcome to Fly Culture #1

Now that you have some time to spend at home since fishing season is over in a lot of places, we are going to talk about what is good for you. Good in several ways, to make you happy, to enlight you, to make you have a beautiful object and to make you dream! That’s a lot of good news! Do you remember Eat Sleep Fish that english emag from our friend Pete Tyjas? Well, Pete has gone one level up and now there is Fly Culture!Flys COver

Fly Culture is a bomb! It’s a new PRINT magazine, forget your screens, go back to real life, it’s good to do oit sometimes. This magazine is so beautiful, you don’t want to have it in the toilets with all the other glossy magazine that you flip through when you are alone, no. You want that magazine to be on your living room! And eventualy once the new issue comes out, you’ll put it on the bookshelf! So yes this magazine is a quality magazine, printed on nice thick paper, the kind of paper you like to touch, because it makes you feel good, but that not it, it’s also the amazing pictures and the articles that make the whole difference!

So if you are in England, you can suscribe and if you are not, just buy issue as they come! Fly Culture is also a blog, and you don’t want to miss anything that is published. In the meantime, as you spend you time ordering it, I’m back to my couch readingit  once again, I can’t actualy stop reading it, it’s so nice!

Here’s what’s waiting for you, and I didn’t put the first ten pages with their amazing pictures so it’ll be a surprise when you’ll get it!

Large Dark Olive by James Beeson | photo Matt Easthamlarge dark olive

Three Nights on The Madison by Jason Borger3 nights madison

Pilgrimage by Luke Kozakpilgrimage

Wandering in the Wilds by Nick Thomaswandering the wid

The gamblers of La Tienda by Chadd VanZantengamblers of la tienda

Spey Casts and Salmon by Emma Tyjas | photos  Tom RolandSPey cast and salmon

Fish art @phishtitz.inkFish art

Fly Fishing the Zombie Apocalypse by Perry BamonteZombie apo

Analogue Drifter by Andy Bairdanalog drifter

Bandit Country by James Gilbraith | photos by James Gilbraith and Tom Rolandbandit country

Choosing the right Fly by Pete Tyjas

Small Flies for Big Pikes by Jeroen Schoondergangsmall flies big pikes

The Precariousness of Piscatorial Pursuits by Andrew Fewlerprecarousness

Trout on the Train by Theo Pike and Paul GaskellTrout on the train

Now you’re all excited, jut get it! You’ll thank us for that later.