Moskitoes & Mayflies, Episode 3

The rooftop of Europe, every adventurer’s dream, Finnmark. When you are a teenager in Europe, at 16 you can get a railpass called Interrail at the time and it allowed you for a certain period to travel all of Europe by train for around a hundred dollars. And all of southern Europe was invaded by blond teenagers looking for beaches and mediterranean parties while Southern kids would headed up to Scandinavia trying to get laid because of the open minded reputation. Only a few crazy ones would go up North to go fishing. And that is what episode 3 reminded me of, that time when with a couple of friends we tried to go up to Finnmark by train, only finding out that the farmost we could go  was Rovaniami, Finland. But now I realize what we missed.

Look at those trout and those flies! Thanks Rolf and Håvard for giving us this gift! What a film!