Rolf Nylinder + fly fishing in Japan = this is a perfect film

So here, Rolf spoils me! I must confess my unconditional love for Japan. This culture of fishing, their crazyness about gear, their obsession with water’. The Japanese angler has fascinated me forever. I dream of setting foot there, if only to squander my money in all the shops I will find on my way.

In this movie, Rolf goes to Japan with Markus and Melinda in a trip through the mountains to fish with a very mysterious band: The Shaku Hunter. Shaku is the local fish. And obviously, he too likes to swallow insects on the surface! So we take the equation: Japanese anglers, a beautiful river, beautifully beautiful fish too, hatch, and especially… Rolf behind the camera. Well, your day will be as perfect as this short film after seeing it. And probably reviewed.