From Ice to Palms

You think you’re cool, getting your flies ready and cleaning your line before opening day? You cannot fool us, we know. We know you wake up sweating in the middle of the night, shouting “Where are my waders!” You think we haven’t been in your shoes? You think we don’t know how it feels to be craving fish? You think we don’t know how you feel, the rsleepless nights the hours spent at the vise, the evening with the friends looking at Google maps. We’ve been there. SO in a few weeks it’ll be the day you get in the car, drive to the river and cast you fly to the first trout of spring. And you’ll think you’ve made it, that you’re a tough guy and that effort and adventure is the price you’ve paid to earn that first fish of the season.

So her’s for you, to cool you down, and to keep you off the obsession for half an hour. You talk about adventure? Here are Jochen Mesle and Max Kroneck cycling, climbing and skiing the Alps from North to South! You’re not going to be disappointed, you wanted advenure and efforts, be ready to get more than what you ask for. Tahn you’ll tell us about your little adventure to the river. Don’t forget to tick CC on the bottom right of the screen for subtitles.