Those who know me also know my love for fiberglass rods. These soft, slow and unfishable rods…

That’s wrong! At least, for those who have been a little worked by the manufacturer. Yes, a fiberglass rod can be light, with a nervous action, and can even surprise you for hours by the water! I was in Saint-Etienne’s fly fishing show last weekend and I tried the Superfine Glass from Orvis. What a bliss it was!


So yes, what I like about a fiberglass rod is the slow motion when you cast. I take my time! I focus to make that beautiful loop. Anyway, if you force or if you don’t respect the pace, you end up with a bad cast. Basically, if you have no slow rythm, stay with the carbon rod. And leave the fiber to those who want … to take their time.

But Superfine Glass is something else. It’s light, already. Incredibly light even. A fiber rod, even high-end, gives you very often the impression of a weight forward. There, almost nothing! It is very light and it’s really close the carbon.

But as I’m a player, and to grad the rod at the fly fishing  booth was not enough, I asked Florian to try it. And suddenly, happiness! It’s incredibly sweet … The gesture is not slow, it’s cool! Slow here would be pejorative. But the speed is really slow compared to a carbon rod. It quickly got out a good length of line, without forcing. And that’s really good!


In terms of cosmetics, I loved the color of the blank. These rods are easy to be spotted from afar, with this charismatic conicity that follows the handle. A nice handle to take in hand, although a little short. Ride it with an old school reel, and you’re equipped with the old, with stuff that has everything from today’s rods.

With the many fiber rods that are flooding the market, it will be difficult to choose the model that will work best. However, the Orvis Superfine Glass is one of the best I’ve ever tried. Because of its action and its weight! I would have liked to try it in conditions, on Scorff or Saarland. And try one of these regular gulps fucking badly placed, bordering under this old oak. This is typically the kind of cane that puts confidence in! And with which one imagines doing miracles.

1W2A7324 RB

Finally, there are several models. I think especially of those who go to New Zealand (yes, you …) hunt the huge trout in rivers sometimes tiny. An 8’6 for #6 which will allow you to overcome the biggest shots balls! A perfect rod to control a big fish in a complex environment. Without risking an explosion in rule of the bottom of line. You see ?! There is also a 8’6 #8 for carp and black bass. There, I drool behind the keyboard!

You can find these rods at Orvis.