Patagonia Women’s Comfort Hoodie

Ah! Valentine’s day! I hope you didn”t forget otherwise you’re probably in serious trouble by now. So as we all know a few flowers are never enough, here’s what we suggest, a wise gift! Because we all know that having a partner who’s fly fishing is not easy, when you don’t. It’s fun for a while, than fly fishing can become the 3rd person in the couple. So why don’t you take your partner fishing? The best and the easiest is tropical fishing, learning how to cast is easy, in a week it’s wrapped.  As far as I’m concerned, there is nothing better than traveling fly fishing with my wife! It’s bonding and so much fun! So here’s a gift that’ll send another message than just Happy Valentine! It also says: let’s go fly fishing in the tropics!52085_RFSV52085_ATBL

Here’s the ideal gift :
The new Women’s Comfort Hoodieby Patagonia, strongly built, light, well cut so you are fully protected, for a long time we thought the sun was our friend, unfortunatly we discovred that he’s our worst enemy, so get shelter! And for that matter you want this hoodie!

Ok, now all you have to do is buy a rod a reel, some flies and after a week of casting lessons, you’re good to go! Happy tropics!

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