Reiða Öndin Leather Goods from Iceland

We have found these at the London Fly Fishing Fair where a group of Icelandic Exhibitors had a combined stand.

Reiða Öndin, the “Angry Duck”, is the brainchild of Thorbjörn Helgi who has a selection of interesting leather accessories for anglers on offer, entirely handmade in Iceland.

I chose the “Faðmur” leather measuring armband that combines both function – measuring fish (or other lengths, for that matter…) up to 120 cm using beads attached to the leather – and form – it is highly decorative and something else to wear for a change. The beads are placed at 5 and 10 cm respectively for accurate measurements, well, give or take a portion of an inch, who cares if you measure bright Icelandic silver fresh from the ocean? An “X” marks the zero point , an “R” the release marker (Icelandic salmon under 70 cm cannot be harvested) and an “M” gives us the meter mark for those rare-enough red-letter days we hook and land a monster.

The Faðmur measuring armbands come in a variety of leather colors (brown, black and beige) and beads (silver, white, blue, orange, black, green and brown) so customers can choose their personal combination. Overall length is 150 cm with adjustable straps and a strong magnetic closure. It’s definitely proven Viking engineering combined with good looks for those who like it. The armband comes with a suede pouch for storage for those days when a suit and tie is better suited or required (even then…?)


Next is a fly wallet I wanted to have for a while, for my oversized streamers, big nymphs, salmon or steelhead flies. Thorbjörn delivers here with his “Sarpur” fly wallets that combine fine craftsmanship with great quality leather, available in several finishes, sizes and versions. One side sports a foam patch while the other has a piece of Icelandic sheepskin attached to it. My logics would say the foam is better for barbless flies while the sheepskin will hold those barbed flies forever, yet Thorbjörn will build the wallet exactly to your specifications, even with bespoke laser-engraved motif on the cover, should you wish so.

As you can also get Icelandic salmon flies from the company, your fly wallet can be ordered fully loaded for your dream trip to the North Atlantic.


I think Reiða Öndin products are something else and worth considering.

The website only exists in Icelandic for the moment, but communication in English is no problem whatsoever: