Fly Fishing for Permit in Punta Allen at Palometa Club

We won’t tell you enough: fly fishing for Permit is for crazies, demented, deranged cookoos, dingies, nutcases, maniacs, screwies, unhinged, screwballs! I don’t have enough words to tell you what happens in the mind of a Permit fly fisher, how bad they can resist to pain, frustration, defeat, vexation, the permit fly fisher sounds like a real masochistic to me! So there you are in Punta Allen, Permit Capital of the world. All you basically have to do is listen to your guide and give the best you can, alle the rest is not up to you. You may pray, you may make offerings to the goddess of Permit. Nothing will work, it’s like hurding cats. You are powerless.

So you’ll go to Tres Marias, to la Laguna, el Faro, you’ll go North, South, everywhere, you’ll be beaten by the sun, shaken by the waves, and you’ll love that frustration, you addict! Than, maybe, if the Permit doesnt show you the finger, it’ll be your lucky day and you’ll catch one. But that won’t fill you, the void you feel inside of you is way too deep for that fish, you need more! You’re an addict, I tell you. I know.

Watch full screen, in the dark.