The Cult of Fly Fishing !

You’re back! How was your fishing weekend? Did you wish you brought along a can of worms or where you able to use your flies?

Here in old Europe in many countries it was opening day. And it wasn’t easy, two weeks ago we thought summer was already here as winter was not over yet, we were wearing shorts and looking at trout feeding on insects. Today, it’s cold and rainy, as it has been for the past few days. Opening season is always tricky, that’s why I only go at the end of april, even may, when I know i’m goign to use my cdc and that I have cold drinks in the car.

So sathurday instead of going fishing with all the frustrated anglers who had spent months carving fish, I stayed home and cooked. I cooked those white beans form Tarbes, first you have to soak them the previous day, than I went to my favorit butcher to get 50 cm of saussage from Toulouse, duck legs in fat, a couple of thick bacon and there I was, cooking the famous Cassoulet for everyone! It was our Opening Day! For sure we spoke about fly fishing, and my friends left the house late at night.

So fo the ones who caught fish this weekend and also for the ones who didn’t, here’s a gift :  The Mission #14! Probably one of the best fly fishing mag! A real dream machine! Just enjoy, it’ll give you strentgh ’til the next fishing session! H ave a great monday! cover

Tout d’abord pour bien commencer, Beers & Beats, la bibine et les bons sons ! beers and neats

Et pour pour ne pas continuer l’estomac vide: Moules et huitres au menu ! mussels & oysters

La Witte River, une des meilleurs rivières à truite près du Cap !witte river

Yvon Chouinard, vous parle de simplicité, un extrait de son livre sur la pêche à la mouche, partez légers ! kiss

Simon Hunter Bunn, le mec qui pêche partout ! Simon hunter Bunn

Orange River, pêcher les dragons ! chase dragon

Lune de Miel en Patagonie ! La femme du mec est une sainte ! patagonia

Tim Rajeff !! Portrait du patron d’Echo rods. Quelle aventure ! tim rajeff

Une vie de chien ! Un bon roman-photo.freinds comix

Salad bar, buffet garni pour les dingos du matos, y’a qu’à sortir la carte bleue ! salad bar

Et si vous achetiez de l’art ?  Ou un livre de pêche ? payday

Bonefish flies.threadbare

Voilà, vous pouvez rêver que le prochain week-end ou votre prochaine sortie sera réussie !