Pike from Tjuonajokk, Swedish Lapland

It just started in many places, the Pike season! So there you are on a skiff, on a boat, in a belly boat, on a pontoon, by the banks, a 9 or 10wt in hand with streamers big as birds, looking for pike! How do we love to fly fish for pike! it’s gentle and strong at the same time, it’s skill and power, and when you hook one it’s a hell of a jolt in the forearm! And the fish itself, isn’t it beautiful, shaped as a weird torpedo, build to kill, with its 700 teeth, hard times for your streamers! So here we are in Tjuonajokk, in Swedish Lapland, the river Kaitum is sometimes so  wide it feels like a lake and that’s where the pikes are, you can also walk 1/2h to little lakes on the side and you’ll find some too, but here we are on that skiff, and it’s fun! You get there in a chopper, you leave in a wooden cabin, and for lunchtime, you’ll grill a one of the many grayling you can catch! No fishing, no food! You’ll love it!