Mammoth Lake on New Year’s Eve, friendship and a fish

Slow : Lord it’s beautiful! It’s so beautiful it’s rad! Is it the soundtrack (American Sunset by Jack Adkins) or is it because it is shot in Super 8 like in the old days? You remember, when you had to think before you shoot? When reels were 6 minutes long and cost $$$ to process. It’s not like shooting with an iPhone or a digital camera with 256G, you really have to think of what you are doing and what you want to show before pressing the trigger. But have you felt this friendship? Have you felt this joy? Have you felt that melancoly? This film summs it up, what we like is being with friends, fishing, if we catch fish, great! If not, to be together is the best! Happy Easter to you!

SLOW: A “film” about nothing from  on Vimeo.