Swiza Tick tool fern knife!

We all need a folding knife, wherever we are, I know sometimes it sounds strange to city people but being raised in Aveyron, I always carry a Laguiole in my pocket but for others it’ll be a pen knife and the most common is the swiss knife. Talking about swiss knife here’s the one we beleive we must have, swiss knives have had many features in the past, usb drives, magnifying glass, saw, everything you thought about might be in a swiss knife already. But here’s the most interesting tool for us, outdoorsmen a tick tool knife!KNI.0090.2050Ticks are a real pain and a danger in many places, so in order to get rid of the tick’s head and not only (how it often happens) of just the inflated with blood body, there is a special tool on that knife. And you can use it on animals or yourself! A must and we chose the olive fern but is you feel you are affraid to loose it it’s also available in orange fern!

KNI.0090.2060_2 KNI.0090.2060