Filson Original mais en Nylon !

Ok, we all know the famous Filson Bags, they conbine robustness, strength, swag and…weight! Yes heavy, we love them but they’re heavy, on the other hand they resist to almost anything! That’s why at Le Mouching, we use them to carry our cameras and computers when we’re on the field. But I guess real flyfishermen use them to carry thier most precious goods aka reels and flyboxes! Well, that was before or better, here’s an opportunity to go on weekend without having to spend the rest of the week lifting weights at the gym, and it’s called the Filson Balistic Nylon Dryden Briefcase!  Yes, you read it well : Nylon, N.Y.L.O.N! Oh, I’m sure some stockler would say hell no! no nylon by me! But at the end they are much lighter (they are supposed to be the lightest briefcase from Filson), as strong, cheaper and have a real look of their own once they are a little warn out! So as far as I am concerned, I’m trading my old canvas briefcase for that new Nylon one! Maybe you should do too! But which colour to pick?

Navy Blue ? ballistic-nylon-dryden-briefcase-dark-navy-p41825-366308_image

Otter Green

Whiskey? 20049878_Whiskey_main_01.png

In the meantime, while you make up your mind, I’m flipping the pages of the Filson’s catlalogue in search of another bood buy!