SCOF #31, the Spring ’19 issue

Bim! Here’s for you! Get that in your face! can you feel how it reeks Southern Comfort, beer, Jambalaya, Filet GumboChicken fried steakCrawfish pie and the real fried chicken! There you go, you can hold on to your trucker’s hat, let’s go and hit the water! Southern Culture On the Fly, is THE South! And here’s # 31, Lord, how good it smells, makes me want to eat my laptop! And look at this cover, doesn’t he look like Trevor from GTA5? Let’s dive!scof front

Since we tell you that big trout likes big flies!streamers

Drawings from our friend Peter Perch!peter perch

What about learning how to tye the RattleCrabrattlecrab

How’s the American Dream? americandream

Fight for Florida Bay it’s worth it!florida bay

And now, you’re hot as lava, let’s hit North : Alaska! alaska

And your Minnow, how do you tye your Minnow ? minnow

Let’s go Bass fishing with Uncle Blane!uncle blane

Are you deep enough? Yeah, that’s what I mean, your sinking line, perv’!deepline

Get out and play!