Gulping flies, best dry fly takes

Ah, what an adrenaline rush when you see a fish rising ! Each time is the same, we throw to lay down our fly angling, we watch it drifting and with a little bit of luck, we see it dissappear. It’s a magic moment. And it’s all the more true when you tie your own flies. It’s really the quintessence of our technique. But the game is far from won. Pleasure is there, it’s 50/50. But stay at our rises. As we know, this time laps is very short. Thanks to Kanalgratis, you will be able to enjoy 2 minutes 45 of pure happiness. They gave us a great gift by lengthening this moment. We will be able to watch grayling and trout opening a mouth big to grab imitations, all in slow motion. It’s really amazing.