Floodtide by Brent Lyons : Redfish on the fly, wading.

Do you know anything more rewarding than spoting  fish while wading, casting your fly, and catching it? The amount of feelings going through your brain (should I say guts?) is incredible, it starts with being alert as you scout walk the flats, excitement when you spot the fish, fear of frightening it, being focused when you cast, fearfull again, when it follows your fly, than excited when you hook it, than afraid of loosing it, than once you have it in your hands, it’s pride. And than when you release it and see it go, it’s bliss. Do you know anything in the world that gives you so many feelings in such a short period of time? Thanks to Brent Lyons for reminding us all of that! Here it’s a redfish on the flats, but it works with any other kind of fish!

Floodtide from Brent Lyons on Vimeo.