I go when I need

Because Fly fishing is not just a passion, it’s a real addiction. We only think fly-fishing: what fly to tie, what new rod, jacket, waders or reel to buy, and the most important, where to go fishing (whether traveling or just for a day). For the last case, we dream of distant countries (like the United States, New Zealand, Cuba …) or legendary rivers (like the Loue, the Dordogne …). And nothing is spared to you . Everything is made to make you drool. Well, Watermind Pictures is here to bring you back to reality or better said at home. And yes, sometimes it is useless to go for miles and miles. There are real jewels that can be hidden near home. Let’s have a look at this teaser. We are eager to be this winter to see the whole movie.

Backyard Teaser from Watermind Pictures on Vimeo.