Who has never dreamed of fishing places still virgin of fly fishermen or almost?

Of course, there is not in France that we find this kind of spot but on the other side of the Atlantic, direction the States. On the other hand guys, these shrines are worthy. To reach the river, some fishermen do not hesitate to take all the risks to get near this paradise. Dudes of “The Element” will first have to make a descent into hell to reach the bottom of the Black Canyon. It’s a real relief to get there whole. As Cyril says, “it hurts your feet!” And there, at the bottom, there are stone flies as big as a finger, a beautiful river and of course trout. As the access is very difficult, plan more than one day there ! Nothing better than a bivouac to enjoy the starry sky …! But In spite of everything one must at one moment think of going back to civilization. So Good luck!