Fall is already here but it feels like winter and it’s freezing! As usual our friends from SCOF aka Southern Culture On the Fly are bringing us what is going to warm us up! Here’s Issue #33

We were looking out the window as it at last began to poor, than it got cold, really cold. It’s the best time to be on the sofa reading SCOF #33 with the heat of your laptop warming your belly! Just read it for Christ sake (goes with 33)!

Hear ye, hear ye, all scalawags and scoundrels: We are proud to announce we have circled the sun eight times. And to commemorate this bronze anniversary, we now release the Fall 2019 “8 Ball” Issue of Southern Culture On the Fly. Inside, you will find pages filled with wisdom, gleaned from being eight years old. A lot of crying, tantrums, and the occasional pooping of the pants. To celebrate our pre-adolescence, we will give away two $50 Gift Certificates to the SCOF store. We will give one away on Instagram and one away on Facebook. To enter, you must tag a friend in the comments section of either post. One entry per comment. Enter as many times as you see fit on either page. We will randomly draw the winners on Monday. Until then, read every word like it will be last we ever publish. We’re not done, but we are super accident-prone. Thanks to all of you for reading, to all of our advertisers for advertising, and to all of our contributors for contributing. See y’all again in February. southerncultureonthefly.comCapture d’écran 2019-11-14 à 20.00.21

For the sake of Haiku.

Capture d’écran 2019-11-14 à 20.04.09

Cleveland Flats.CLeveland flat

Savannah (la mar?)savanah

Fur and Feathers. (video)fur and feathers

Jay Johnson, you know, the guy with the beard!Jay Jonhson

The Middle Fork of Salmonmiddle fork

To the Vise here’s your minow!minow

Boat people problems! You know, when you have a boat.boat

Oye!  Oye! Capt. Cornelius McGillicutty!Capt Cornelius

Just read it!