Is it fish porn or is it just four minutes and a half of pure bliss to help us go through the short days of winter? How bad do you envy the lucky ones who are going fishing in Belize?

What a dream, Belize, a few hours away from home, a country known for one thing: Permit! It’s like a magnet to all the addicts who are craving for frustration, because Permit is all about frustration. FIrst you need to spot one, than even if you have the perfect cast, the perfect fly, the perfect strip, it’s more than ever always the fish who decides, and Permit is a elusive kid, you never know if it’s going to be fish on or the pain of frustation. But don’t worry, if you are frustrated there are plenty baby tarpon you can release your anger with!  In the meantime, this film is a dream machine, once you’ve seen it, you want to go to Belize too!