Building bamboo rods is not like building any rod, it’s a religion, something you dedicated your life to, it’s a monk’s job. The job of a lifetime. Chasing the Taper is a film about rod builders, splitcane rods.

A rod, when we start fishing, a rod is something strange, we don’t get exactly how it works , than that rod becomes part of you, you handle it as if it was a prolongation of your arm, you know exactly the strentgh to give and when to stop. Than you get better at casting and fishing and it’s time to level up, you buy yourself a more expensive one, and you have to adapt to it, it’s probably going to take a few days, if not a few weeks and sometimes, that rod you just paid a fortune is not made for you. So what about finding a rod that is exactly yours, that exactly suites your cast. That’s when you start thinking about building your own, and than, you might choose that this is what you want to do in life! Here’s a story that you are going to love, Chasing the Taper, a life building rods, because it’s the only way! Don’t think, just buy it, you have time watch it and it’s amazing !

ChasingTheTaper_Regular Trailer from Tinboat Productions