A fishing trip in Swedish Lapland with the guys from CarpeDiem, a trip of a lifetime, with palyful fish, friends, ginclear rivers and moskitos! Lapland between friends, life in a dream.

Can you hear that silence? It sounds like a town under quarantine, birds singing, insects (touhsands of them), the sound of air, we don’t often get to hear the sound of air, and the sound of fish juming out of the water, catching flies and fighting. Do you hear those scadrons of moskitos, with one target: eating you! This is what drives you nuts in Lapland it’s the moskitos, they are soooo anoying, they get in your nostrils, in your mouth as soon as you open it, behind your glasse and I’m not mentioning when you have to do #1! And as organic we try to be, there is only one thing that really works, chemical insect reppelent, so strong it’s probably forbidden everywhere else! But let’s go back to what drives us: fish! Have you seen those rivers and how those trout are fearless, how hungry they are? I watched that film last night and dreamed about those rivers, I cannot tell you if it was a pleasent dream or a nightmare filled with frustration. Frustration is unfortunatly what we have to cope with in those times of quarantine, but soon, better days will come and you’ll go fishing, let say you’ll fish in June, don’t worry, fishing in Lapland sarts in July! So now it’s your turn, get yourself comfortable, can you stream that film on your tv? if not, just watch it full screen on your computer, but turn the sound up and listen to that silence! Subtitles can be activated by clicking on the with box on the right bottom of the screen. Be ready, you are going to cry.