Rolf Nylinder, we love him at Le Mouching and we know you do too. Here’s the interview

Hi Rolf, thank you for your time. I’m very happy to make this interview! So first, for those who don’t know you, can you introduce yourself?

I’m 31 years old, living in northern Sweden and I like to film me and my friends fishing adventures.

When did you start fly fishing? What is your favorite specie?

Started when I was maybe 15. Have to go with the brown trout.

I read somewhere that you were a real lover of dry fly fishing, why?

It’s just a good dramaturgical curve to dry fly fishing. It’s not so much about the catch and at the same time it’s all about the catch.

So, what is your favorite pattern?

Klinkhammer hook 16. black. Wish to answer Kite’s Imperial, but I’m not that classy.

What do you like when you are with your rod, outside, by the river?

just beeing

Do you tie flies? If so, Are you as talented as for film production?

When I was younger I did a lot. Watched a lot of Oliver Edwards back then. But now less and less. I’m not very talented.  I can tie my Klinkhammers, but no Mohican Mayflies.

How did your passion for the video come to you?

Don’t know.It sort of came with snowboarding and skating.
pdsl (66 of 90)

It seems to me that your first videos are snowboard movies. I always found a similarity between skiing or snowboarding and fishing. Looking for the spot, the angle of attack (face, rail or fish)… Do you share this view?


At “le mouching”, everybody like your work, each video tells a story. it’s totally different from what we’re used to seeing in the fly fishing industry. So where do you find your inspiration?

Thank you! I’m not sure where the ideas come from. But for you guys I wish they would translate the Norwegian fly fishing show Lars&Bård.
By the way, I have french subtitles on the old webseries The Field Coffee Diary, now.

Can you explain what do you feel when you are behind the camera?

I don’t feel anything. That’s the great part about fishing and filming for me. I don’t think about anything. you know, that old cliche of being in the moment etc.

What is your favorite edit and why?

“Bård & Lars – Jakten på drömöringen” It’s the perfect fishingfilm. Norwegian! It’s funny and it’s a big fish!

You team up with some people like Peter Christensen or Håvard Stubö. How did you meet them?

We sort of do the same thing. I met Christensen a few years ago. Spent New years in CPH with him and then I went to New Zeeland and made “Only the River Knows”.
Håvard I just met in a small town in the north and realised he likes the same things I like.

What is your next project?

I don’t know I don’t plan so much. I just do things. Now I will see what kind of footage I have on my computer and maybe make something out of that.

On one of your last video, we can see you play guitar. Håvard motivated you or you played before?

I played a little before. I like to try things. But music is hard.

What kind of music do you like?

All songs that was included in snowboardfilms 15 years ago!

Many thanks, Man