Here’s our friend, the lovely guitar player Håvard Stubø from Jazz & Fly Fishing, and his fellow film maker Rolf Nylinder, on The Motherload. It’s not only about fly fishing, it’s about frustration, passion, focusing and dedication to what you love! And the music, such a good soundtrack, if every fly fishing film could have such a good soundtrack, our life would be  so nice!

Here at home, rain hasn’t stopped for the past 12 days, rivers are murky and have too much water to go fishing, the clouds cought in the trees look like smoke, only the deep green almost like emerald and the birds singing remind us we’re in May. Since yesterday we’re allowed to go fishing, but for us, it doesn’t change much. So in order not to fall into depression we have the presents that the internet brings us, we have the books in which we can live other lives than ours and we have the music to dream to. Today’s present from Jazz and Fly FIshing is a blessing. Thank you for that poetry, thank you for that music (especialy the last piece), thank you for reminding us what real fishing is like, not porn fishing without any story or feeling, as we often see in the films we found. Thank you again and we cannot wait to watch part 2. Watch it full screen with the sound at a proper level, it’s bliss!

Not A Walk In The Park | The Motherload Diaries Part One from Jazz & Fly Fishing