Often I am awoken up by the cold morning air; it comes through my opened bedroom window and summons me out of bed along with the first hint of morning light.  In the moment I don’t know anything, I’m half asleep and only doing things mechanically. I’m by the river, it’s already warm and sounds are distorted. It feels like I am hovering over the ground and everything happens without me doing anything. I’m on automatic; It’s as if I were on drugs.I start fishing without thinking, then suddenly everything gets clearer. I’m back to real life. I like this film, East Walker River, because it instantly takes me to the state I’m in when I’m fishing. In that place, I focus on things that others would not find interest in. Details. Gestures. I raise my head to look at the sky, I gently touch the water with my fingers as if it were a woman, I take a deep breath to fill my chest with the clean country air. I am myself. This film stirs the same feeling within me. I recognize myself in those fishermen, I like that dog, I like that hat. I’m walking with them in the river, I want to hold that crayfish, I want to be there too, on the East Walker.[vimeo https://vimeo.com/39346853]

Thanks to Oscar & Lauren