I’ve just received an email from our friend André Brun , I want to share it with you because a picture with such a happy face and such a beautiful fish is a bliss ! Go André !!

Cyril, just have to tell you this:
I had a late start this year. 8.May. Have been casting a lot some weeks now, but the fishing just started.
And what a start. I was at a secret spot nearby home here in Norway. And during the first 10 casts a very, very nice trout was hooked. I estimated it to be around 1,5 kilo, but 3-4 meters from me, it suddenly released itself from the hook and swam away. I thought: “Jesus, this could have been an extremely nice fish to be the FIRST of the season”.
Well. I walked 300 meters downstream, to a shallow area with deeper runs on the far bank. I thought that THIS could be it, because the rhodani hatch had started a couple of days before this, and today it was no insects due to weather conditions (they like dark rainy days around 14.00-16.00 o’clock over here.). So my plan was to fish the deeper areas just in front of the shallows – where I reckon the trout was holding until the hatch began again.

10 minutes later, a huge yellow monster suddenly came up and splashed at my fly in the surface.
3,2 kilo wild brown trout. 3,2!!!!The first of the year! I am sure, I will never catch such a big trout as the first of the year ever again.

All the best,
André B