I left the house, there was a frozen breeze.  On the mountains it had already snowed and here a thin white crust was cracking under my feet. As I was going down to the shed a cat looked at me  in a glimpse and disappeared crawling under the hedge. My eyes were itchy with cold, I dug my hands in my pockets and walked faster. The first frost of winter always seem to be the coldest, we always know that it is coming but at the end it always catches us by surprise. I walked back to the kitchen, put a few logs in the stove that crackled instantly. I poured myself a mug of black tea and held it with both of my hands wrapping it with my fingers so I could get all the warmth. Slowly sipping that burning tea I looked at that photo on the wall where Fleche, Benoit and I are dipping in a clear blue Belizean water. Then I found this film, Kiritimati, and I started dreaming of fishing trips in warm waters again. Outside it started snowing. [vimeo https://vimeo.com/52155826]sip-films.com