Here is the second part of our article on the Vision Big Daddy 9’#9, the rod for the guys who want some big ones!!!

Rod action

The rod action is medium-fast (as said by Vision). Under compression, the rod tip bends but we feel that the medium action is not far. If we load it a little bit more, the upper third bends easily. At full charge, we find what we are waiting from a big fish rod : a powerful but that can pick up heavy weights. Big daddies, beware !

Casting a pike streamer

We loaded the rod with an Airflo Forty Plus Fast Intermediate #9, and with a floating one. With a small streamer (saltwater like), it is a little bit more a tip action. And with a pike fly, it has this famous medium-fast action that is efficient to cast big streamers. It is very pleasant. Although soft, it reacts well when we push the rod more. I tried it only with 4/0 and 6/0 streamers, but a friend of mine having it in #10 makes his 8/0-5/0 tandems fly no problem (and with really good success :)…).

General appreciation

The Vision Big Daddy flyrod could easily define the standard of the pike flyrod. It is built with serious gear and its action corresponds to what we need to cast big fluffy flies. With its well chosen style, it is the product of a new generation of fly fishers who have pike under their skin.

Roni Selen from the Team Vision in great company…