We have just received a fascinating letter and take pleasure in sharing it with you.

Michel Misucre

19, rue du meurtre

Orvaire sur Oise

Dear Mouching,

I read your columns regularly. In spite of being blind since birth, I love your humanism and your keen sense of justice.

That is the reason for this letter.

I notice, more and more, a lack of elementary modesty that is prevalent in our media and to my great regret, I must say, even in certain pages of your charming blog.

Let me explain: Being from a line of sworn catholics, I am always annoyed by gratuitous exhibitionism; being obliged to tolerate the sight of entirely nude fish, repulses me. What permissiveness! I think night and day of all the children and pure young girls who must be mentally disturbed and in peril at the sight of these images of nudity and I said to myself that it it’s high time to remedy the situation.

So I put myself to work, so much a good worker for the Lord, that the result was not long in coming. Thanks to the Lord!

In a few words, here is the miracle. In the empty garage of my mother (the poor woman has been paralyzed for 34 years) I installed a little factory making undies for fish; an inventive and original idea, you’ll agree!

They exist in all sizes. There is “Anchovy” size is for small fish and for fry… all the way to “Hidealot” for more sizable fish. The diverse choice of models and colors are, of course, left to the discretion of the parents, that goes without saying.

I am including a couple of models with this letter to introduce you to our products, hoping that in your goodwill you will publicize; in the need for decency we must progress, it is indispensable in our society of diminishing values.

Thank you in advance,


Michel Misucre


Dear Sir,

Not only so we pray for your good health, but we don’t hesitate to sing your praises every morning when we awaken. (11:45)

(Very soon Vilmo will send you an order for Emile, his red fish who shows his penis, irritating guests.)