I’ve had some medical issues a couple of years ago, and now the blood flow in my hands is no longer what it was. Which means: my hands get easily cold. And when you’re out for a ten hours boat recon, searching for pike on a freezing winter lake, you’d better be prepared for cold hands or you’ll suffer. Been there, done that. So I need something to give me warmth. The A-Frame from Zippo is a cool option. First because it reminds me of the highschool years, when I lighted my Luckies with a Zippo, the smell of the fuel mixing with the first puff in the the cold Thursday morning air, just before math class. Second because it’s cheap, efficient and durable. It will take some time to take full control of it, and it smell like fuel, but that’s ok, I take that over freezing hands anytime. It looks damn cool too.

zippo aframe