In the salt water fly fishing world there are a few icons, among them is Flip Pallot, one of the best caster there is, one of the best fly fisherman too, Of course you know him, he’s the guy who always wears a cap with flowers printed on it! Flip Pallot is a flat and mangrove lover, he dedicates his life to salt water fly fishing. Another icone is Hell’sBay Boats, probably one of the best skiffs you can get, they are easy to drive, and they go where you want them to go, anyway whith a name like that they can only be rad! This film is about those two icons, Flip Pallot and Hell’s Bay Boatworks, one cannot go without the other. Nice shirts, Flip! Howler Bros shirts!   Watch  full screen, it’s 18 minutes long. 18 minutes of love.[vimeo]