Here we go! Take the old and make some New! Ross Reels is renewing their famous Colorado, and the here is the Colorado LT, better looking, lighter (much lighter) and with an awesome look! Well all of this on paper since you can on ly pre-order it for the moment and the reel will be shipped in April? So far, here’s what we know: it’s light less than 3 oz, has on ly 15 parts! it’s entirely made in the USA in aluminium, the spool is as usual very efficient,  A super-strong, fully machined aluminum frame and spool are paired with a handle machined from canvas phenolic rod – an industry first. This innovative material is found in the handles of high-end custom knives and also has the very useful property of increasing grip when wet. Comes in 3 sizes from #0 to #5 and is sold for less than 300$!