“A small text sent by my friend Alexander few days ago.”

The winter was as sweet as long. From my office, I watched the sky all days while fantasizing about this first release saltwater fly fishing. In the evening I went to an estuary I prospected last year. I saw few seabass.

The capture of this fish estuary to view still remains a mystery to me. I suspect even some seabass to be the reincarnation of a fly fisherman, so they are smart and vicious. Vicious because it sees you, you can look sometimes follows you in your trips eyeing you from the corner of the eye. Smart as he watches your fly, analyze the materials before continue the path of a jaded air. But consider stopping your imitation as a victory, most of the time you just started your cast… it disappears.

This must be the daily view of all seabass fly fishermen, anyway, I think comfort.


Since last year the word mumbled changed by force things taking is not (yet) become the essential thing: the approach, discretion quality posed, find fly east. Now the empty-handed only appears on outings without seeing fish. This season, I plan to make this mystery clears slightly. Start the virtuous circle passing the Cape of the first shot, to gain confidence in the art and in my fly.

But this evening I didn’t catch any fish…