The Trauns, Weisse Traun, Rote Traun, Deutche Traun, all of them bieng magical destinations to our ears, Bavaria, where you get one of the best fly fishing in Europe, with rivers that have been blue ribbon since the mid 20th centhury. peche-truite-allemagne-03-1024x323Germany has always been the spot to go, it started with Charles Ritz, but now it can be you. Those rivers are filled with trout, brown and rainbows, you can also find grayling. You’ll be only 6 anglers fishing those rivers. The hotel is very comfortable it is a typical Bavarian Hotel, where the beds are comfortable, the food is good and the beer excellent! This fishing trip is one to be remembered, I went there several times and it has always been great! All inclusive for a week is 1350$! you’ll find all you need ot know at  DHD Laïka. send them an email, they speak english, and in Germany, you’ll speak english too!