To illustrate this film from our friend Père Castor, we could have used this musique from Jacques Demy’s Peau d’Âne by Michel Legrand, very French, very Sixties but so true, it would have matched the pictures perfectly: the french lyrics are : “L’ Amour se porte au tour du cou, Le cœur est fou, Quatre bras serrés qui s’enchainent, L’âme sereine, Comme un foulard de blanche laine, L’amour s’enroule et puis se noue, Amour, Amour, m’a rendu fou” .  Which in English means “Love, love, you wear it around your neck, The heart goes crazy, Four arms tied together, Serene soul, Like a scarf of white wool, you wind it around and you tie a knot, Love, Love, Drove me insane” ! Here is how to explain the love game that Alain managed to film for us, the beauty of those trout mating. You can just watch them over and over, huming “Amour…Amour…”

For those who would like to know the song I’m talking about in Peau d’Âne: