You might have seen Thomas Vouge‘s picture somewhere on the web, he is one of our best fly fisher, when I say ours I mean French, but he also has a big apetite for big trout, wherever they are. Here, New Zealand!

New Zealand

A childhood dream is about to come true!  The one  I am going fly fihsing in New Zealand! I just decided to go and there I am! I was gone on a eight month fishing trip with one single tracked mind, catching big trout on sight at the far end of our planet, alone. You  know what I am talking about, those big trout who haunt you in your sleep, the ones that go out of their way like a torpedo for about 7 feet, just to catch your fly! But the Land of the Long White Cloudmade it difficult for me, wind, rain, long hard hours trekking, but I the end I think I enjoy it!
September 30th, pressure it at its climax, tomorrow is Opening day, and I cannot sleep, I’m so excited!  I’m telling myself, It’s all good now, it’s only the begining of a long fishing trip in the land of Kiwis! My rod is ready, cheked my flyboxes, my tippets, waders, camera… in 8 hours I’ll be fishing! The night was short, it rained non stop. Let say tomorrow, sight fishing is going to be a little challenging, but at the end I have plenty of time and  my efforts were rewarded the following days.

The carbon is bending, how good is that! Those  brown trout are hard working and tireless! The size of their fins seem to be coming from another planet, their colours are amazing. The hardest thing is to leave river for another, without knowing if it’ll be better or not… but everytime it’s always better, new landscapes, new fish, new difficulties. Just to see a 2 foot trout take your fly is the ultimate satisfaction for your eyes and your soul.  AS far as I’m concerned, New Zealand is the fly fishing Xanadu! I cannot wait to go back!