What else do we need but warmth when you’re looking outside and it’s all frozen and white ? When everytime you go out you feel the cold down your lungs at every breath you take, when every time you try to grab something the gloves you are wearing are making it difficult. When the rythm of the day is paced by the roaring of the wood burning stove. That’s when, exactly when, you need heat, you need salt, you need sun hamering your head and having your face spalshed by salted water. The very special smell and color of the ocean fish. All of that is in one film Salt 365 by Tight Loop Media, at F3T.

Two lifelong surfers living in Orange County California, and from opposites ends of the earth, forge a strong, late in life friendship through their shared passion for the obscure sport of saltwater fly fishing. A peek behind the Orange curtain into the Southern California ocean lifestyle through the lives of Capt. Vaughn Podmore & Keith Munemitsu.

SALT 365 was produced by Tight Loop Media (TightLoopMedia.com) in collaboration with The Noble Lab (thenoblelab.com)

Executive Producers:
Breck Warwick III imdb.com/name/nm3599565/
Keith Munemitsu TightLoopMedia.com
Ryan O’Connor ontheflyvisual.com

Director of Photography:
Paul Pryor paulpryorfilm.com