We hate you! And now we are going to tell you why we hate you. You, being the USA, not for who you are, since we would hate oursleves, but because what has happened to Cuba in thhe past 2 years! You see, Cuba was OURS, with no US fishermen, it was our secret garden, we used to fly ther at least twice a year and fish for…very little money, but now, everything has changed, US citizens can come legaly so everything in CUba is 3 times the price it used to be… as for the fishing… it’s awesome, but for how long, how long will we have those deserted beaches before massive “all inclusive” hotels raise from the sand? How long before ther is so much fishing pressure that it feels like Florida or Belize? How long? Guys, Cuba is a Jewel, enjoy it, we had fun for 20 years, now it’s you turn.