Aimee and Chase have asked for help to start a trip across America in their VW van, and live up to an illustrious tradition from the ninteenth century pioneers to the beatniks of the sixties. They came back with films, each time better, with real chunks of reality in them, pieces of themselves and of the world. They also came back with a thirst for more. This time, they went to Main, its huge wild forests almost pristine, looking for what remains of the once legendary fisheries of native brook trouts. An the video is half an hour of real joy.

Just in passing, let me make an observation, and marvel with me of all the wonders you can achieve out of people’s generosity. Those who’ll open their doors, their hearts, those who’ll share expertise, those who’ll sponsor you, companies or just people, and those who’ll give you their music through Creative Commons license, so that what they create will be even greater when mixed with what you create. It’s not true that all humanity is rotten at the core. There’s still strength.