Let’s say you’re going for a trip in Norway this summer. Say you’re planning to scout around in Jotunheimen Nasjonalpark just for fun and fishing. Obviously, you’ll need to keep all your precious stuff dry when the Northern skies decide (they always do) to test your mettle. So it would certainly be a little bit better if your bag would stand the downpour, and maybe also some less than ideal river crossing, or even a franskly disastrous one for that time when you decided to finish the aquavit before crossing. Anyway: a proper waterproof bag. Yeti, who earned a strong reputation in coolers, aptly offers such a bag. With a big zipper so you won’t fight to get to your stuff. It’s called Panga, and it’s just out. There are three sizes, it’s quite expensive, but you’ll get lots of bag for the buck.