There, and back again – A story of Joy


How can you resist, how can you resist the call of Sweden?

The first time I went to Scandinavia, I was 16 at the time, it was in the 70’s, you could travel Europe with Inter Rail,  a pass that would let you travel everywhere by train for less than a 100$! So there we were, my two buddies and I head filled with the promise of Scandinavian girlfriends and big fish. So I packed my bag with a spinning rod, and a box of condoms, that we never used. We traveled at night so we could save camping fees and dry our gear. The Scandinavian girls did not find us attractive at all but the trout were friendly and welcoming (at that time I would rather have had it the other way around). But fish there was, an there were much bigger than the one I was used to, so were the mosquitos, not bigger but bigger and meaner! Anyway, we had no girlfriends, we ate fish and cheese in tubes for almost a month, spent all our money (Sweden was already expensive) but we loved it!

So, when I saw that film by Marc from Trout in Trouble, all those memories I had almost forgotten came back to me. I hope you’ll love that film as much as I did.