Things are movins the right way for French tunas. They are still fragile, but they’re there, protected, and you can find a couple of real pro guides that will put you in front of serious boiling water… Then it’ll be up to your skills to control de adrenalin flow, get the line out in a good shoot, strip like crazy and strike like you mean it, then pray that your line’s not tangled somewhere, and fight those dozens of pounds of hysterical muscle.


Well, your skill and your reel. You’ll need some very serious drag here, on a very sturdy frame. And obviously, it could also be light and a thing of beauty… Not so surprisingly, Hardy managed all this and then some into a jewel of a reel: 380g of machined barstock 6061 aluminium. The XDS 12000, features a sealed carbon drag, claiming 25-30 lb, and a visual indicator on a 360 operation drag command. The ultimate 100lb and more tuna weapon, a fighting machine for great makos and bad GTs. Just the ideal present for someone who’s really really good at making love to Miss Santa.