From Costa Rica to Gabon with a stop in the Mexican mangrove, you’ve got it all, a Tarpon’s life, a Tarpon’s obsession, a fish that haunts you and will take power over you. You think you fish for Tarpon, but you’re its dog! It has you on a leash, a tight one, you’re its toy. It’s happy, eating, spawning, following the fish and the currents, and you, you don’t sleep, you are obsessed, you spend all your money to go fishing, you have a one track mind, but you are the one who looses, your pleasure can only be measured in a few minutes over your lifetime, while Tarpon are free and don’t give a f*ck about you, they don’t care, you’re bothering them, a few minutes too in their lifeline, but they don’t care. You, you’ll be talking about it to anyone who will listen to you, you will show pictures. You’re it’s dog. So here’s to you, Atlanticus, you’ll line up to the F3T to go watch it or worst, you’ll wait that it’ll come out in dvd. In the meantime, tarpons don’t care, they are swiming, eating and spawning. You, me, we are nothing, we are slaves.